Each Frankie Malachi performance is a unique experience. His award-winning string puppet performances showcase exquisite puppetry, down-to-earth humor and visual artistry that connects with both the man-in-the-street and seasoned artistic audiences.

Frankie performs frequently in a variety of venues: theatre spaces, outdoor events, corporate galas and events, cruise ship performances, family events, public malls and private parties. His flexible set-up allows him to do both stage performances and interactive roving performances.

To download brochures for Frankie’s string puppet shows, click here: String Fling and Streets of Singapore.

Customised/bespoke performances for corporations, NGOs and private individuals/organisations are also available upon request. (Production fees may apply.)

For show bookings or more information on Frankie Malachi’s shows, please email info@frankiemalachi.com or call (+65) 6841 2260.

For small to mid-sized children’s parties and birthday shows, please visit our Puppet Party Magic website.