‘Frankie Malachi is on a one-man mission to bring puppetry into the mainstream.’

– Francis Kan, TODAY Newspaper (14 March 2013)

‘He’s a local version of Jim Henson, entertaining young and old with a large, non-human cast of characters.’

– Benson Ang, The New Paper (14 April 2013)

‘Puppet master Frankie Malachi’s beautiful creations, from the kind, wood-gnarled face of the Hantu Galah to the chilling porcelain head of a child ghost, enthralled.’ 

– Tara Tan, The Straits Times Life! (Aug 09)

‘Put it down to the appeal of puppets. They’re not only about to generate humour or emotion, but increasingly, they’re being used to teach young children.’

– Nancy Ang, Weekend Today (May 09)

‘The trio played Audrey II – a malicious man-eating plant from last November’s horror musical, Little Shop of Horrors, to the terrified delight of the audience.’

– June Cheong,  The Straits Times Life! (March 07)



KOMPAS Newspaper, 11 Nov 2011 – Coverage for the 3rd ASEAN Puppetry Festival

TODAY Newspaper Interview with Frankie - 12/02/09

TODAY Newspaper Interview with Frankie – 12/02/09


2008 – Sumatera Express (Indonesia) Front Page Coverage for 1st ASEAN Puppetry Association Meeting


2007 – KOMPAS (Indonesia) Coverage on 1st ASEAN Puppetry Association Meeting

2006 - I-S Magazine Article for Out of the Box Festival 2006