Frankie on ArtBites with George Young


Frankie was recently featured on OKTO Channel with ArtBites presenter George Young. He got a special string puppetry lesson from Frankie and got to play with some of Frankie’s treasured puppets. ArtBites is a nightly programme on OKTO Channel that features what unique and interesting in the world of Singapore art.

You can watch ArtBites on OKTO channel every night at 10pm!

APEX Trip Report 2: Vientiane, Laos (19-25 April 2012)

The second leg of the ASEAN Puppetry Exchange (APEX) trip was in Vientiane, Laos. This was an interesting (and tiring) trip as Frankie had the task of training 15 adults and youths from the Vulnerable Youth Development Association’s Jampalao puppet troupe. He conducted a five-day puppet-making and performance workshop, culminating in a puppet performance of the classic Lao text, Sinxai, by the group. The enthusiastic group made 6 brand new puppets, rehearsed and staged the performance within the short time frame, which was no small feat, to say the least.

Frankie also performed in three schools: the Udom Phon Primary School (20th April), Xai Settha Secondary School (23rd April) and Tha Ngon Village Primary School (25th April). The open-air shows were warmly-received by the crowds amidst the hot weather, many of whom have never seen a string puppet before. Frankie had to improvise when some of the venues didn’t have amplification/electricity, but it was well worth the effort to share his craft with his new friends.

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APEX Trip Report 1: Hanoi, Vietnam (15-18 April 2012)

Hi folks,

Frankie had a great time during his trip to Vietnam and Laos. We’ll post the highlights separately, so here’s the first update regarding his time in Hanoi, Vietnam:

Frankie held two separate public performances of ‘Streets of Singapore’: one at the Vietnam Puppetry Theatre, the best -known theatre for the puppetry arts in Vietnam, and another performance at the Ha Noi International School. The shows were very well-received, and the warm Vietnamese audience made him feel at home. Vietnam has a strong tradition in the puppetry arts and the team had a great time interacting with many members of the audience after the show.

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‘Streets of Singapore’ at the Istanbul International Puppet Festival 2012

Hi friends,

Frankie will be showcasing his work at the 15th Istanbul International Puppet Festival from 5 – 13 May 2012, alongside master artists like Scott Land (USA), Walter Broggini (Italy), Titeres Cachirulo (Spain), Rue Barree (France) and Turkish puppetry legend, Cengiz Ozek. He’s all packed up and ready to do, and is excited about presenting his work at two separate performances of his award-winning puppetry show, Streets of Singapore, at the Festival: on 7 May, 7.30pm and 12 May, 12pm.

Turkey has a rich heritage in the puppetry arts and we are honored to be the only performing group from Southeast Asia/ASEAN at this international Festival. You can find out more about the Festival at

This trip is presented with the kind support of the National Arts Council (Singapore), Singapore International Foundation and Lee Foundation Singapore. 

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