Frankie’s marionettes used in orphanage performances in the Philippines

mummy marionette

Frankie built some marionettes for acclaimed ventriloquist Wanlu, who is based in the Philippines. We’re glad that he has since used these very puppets in his performances, including special performances at this orphanage. This photo is courtesy of Wanlu’s “Lunaria Brothers Marionette Show”, performed by his sons Martin and Ivan.

Puppet-making on “good morning singapore” channel 8

How to make a spoon puppet

Frankie and Michael giving a step-by-step guide on how to make a spoon and scarf puppet. This programme aims to give parents and kids an opportunity to bond, while they watch, learn and create the puppets together. It was broadcasted on channel 8 TV programme “Good Morning Singapore!” on 5th and 6th Sep 2011.